• Cross Services
  • Code Property Description
    0001 InvalidCampaignID Invalid Campaign ID has been provided
    0002 ExpiredCampaign The Campaign is expired
    0003 InvalidShopID Unable to find the Shop with the ID provided in input
    0004 InvalidTerminalID Unable to find the Thermina with the ID provided in input
    0005 InvalidServiceType Unable to process different services in the same call
    0006 CatalogNotFound Can't find any catalog for the provided campaign
    0007 ProductNotFound The provided product code cannot be found
    0008 InvalidCompleteCode Syntax Error! The Complete Code Provided is not valid
    0009 CompleteCodeNotFound The Complete Code Provided cannot be found or is not related to the expected Campaing
    0010 InvalidCardStatus The card is not on the expected status
    0011 AlreadyAssignedCard The card is already associated to the user
    0012 ProductNotFoundInReceipt Unable to find any product by complete code in receipt
    0013 InoperableCardStatus Card is in an inoperable status
    0014 CardExpired Card is expired
    0015 AlreadyAssignedToAnotherUser The card is already associated to another user
    0016 ShopNotFound Default shop not found
    0017 TerminalNotFound Default terminal not found
    0018 ExtendedCardDataNotFound Extended card data not found
    0019 UserHasAnotherCardAssigned User has Another card assigned found
    0020 InvalidPromotionID Invalid Promotion ID has been provided
    0021 NoCampaignsFound No Campaigns found
    0022 InvalidCampaignPropertyID Invalid CampaignPropertyID has been provided
    0023 InvalidDestinationCard Destination card cannot be target of a migration
    0024 DifferentReceipt Receipt received for spend is different from the prespend one
    0025 InvalidMerchant Merchant not valid
  • Couponing
  • Code Property Description
    1001 InvalidCoupon Syntax Error! The Provided Coupon Code is not valid
    1002 InvalidCouponCode The Campaign is expired
    1003 AlreadyRedeemed The Coupon has been already redeemed
    1401 AlreadyUsedReceipt The Receipt has been already used
    1402 EmailNotProvided The Email has not been provided
    1403 WinnewrExtractorNotFound The WinnerExtractor Algorithm has not been configurated
  • Promocard
  • Code Property Description
    2001 CardNotFoud Cannot find any Card related to the provided ID
    2002 InsufficientPoints Insufficient Points Amount
    2003 InvalidShippingType The provided shipping type is not valid
    2004 InvalidSerialNumber The provided Serial number is not valid
    2005 ExpiredPromoCard The Card is expired
    2006 TransactionNotFound Cannot find any transaction related to the provided promocard id
    2007 ProductOutOfStock The selected product is not longer available
    2008 UnavailablePinCode No Pin Code Available
    2009 UnavailableReward Reward unavailable
    2101 ChargeQuantityOverflow The quantity of items to charge provided in input is bigger then the maximum value allowed for the campaign
    2102 ChargeableProductNotFound Cannot found any chargeable product in the receipt
    2103 InvalidValueForCreate Provided card value is bigger than campaign reward limit
    2301 InvalidTransactionID Provided transaction id is invalid or isn't relative to provided card
    2302 UnredeemedReward It is mandatory to redeem a reward before proceeding with a new spend
  • Stored Value Card
  • Code Property Description
    3001 ExpiredStoredCard The Card is expired
    3002 PaymentNotFoundInReceipt Unable to find the payment type in receipt
    3003 OverflowAmount The maximum amount allowed has been exceeded
    3004 InsufficientAmount Insufficient Credit
    3005 InvalidAuthorizationCode The Authorization Code provided is not valid
    3006 NotActiveCard The card is not active
    3007 UnchargeableCard This card cannot be charged
    3008 InvalidPINCode The input PIN is not a valid code for the system
    3009 OverflowMinimumAmount The minimum allowed amount is 0
    3010 MigrateCodeNotFound The card code from which migrate is not found
    3011 CurrencyWalletExpired The currency wallet is expired
    3012 PointsWalletExpired The points wallet are expired
  • Market Place
  • Code Property Description
    4001 InvalidProductCategory The input category is not a valid id for the system
    4002 InvalidCartCode The input cart code is not a valid code for the system
    4003 EmptyCart Cannot create an order from an empty shopping cart
    4004 OrderIDNotFound The input order ID does not exists on this server
    4005 UnexpectedOrderStatus The input order ID can not be confirmed
    4006 InvalidOrderStatus The order has an invalid status
    4007 InvalidPriceRange The input price range does not exists on this system
    4008 InvalidMarketplaceCode The input marketplace code does not exists on this system
    4009 InvalidPromotionCode The input promotion code is invalid for this catalog
    4010 InvalidPaymentsArray The payments are invalid for this order
  • Pin Dispatching
  • Code Property Description
    5001 EANCodeNotFound Input EAN code unknown
    5002 EANCodeOutOfStock EAN Code unavailable
    5003 ClientTxIDNotFound Unable to reverse transaction. Client ID not found