Cancel Request

If, unfortunately, a pin purchase request timed out, the client will support cancel transactions for automatic timeout reversals (TOR) to invalidate that purchase transaction. This happens when network communications disrupt the correct flow of processing prepaid transactions. This requirements lead to management timeout reversal scenarios when the period of time to receive a response from the our api on a request has expired for this integration. In particular: 1. Send release pin request 2. The client starts a TOR (timeout reversals) request invoking the cancel request API if within 20 seconds (or less, depending on cash register configuration) any response is not received from Domec. Furthermore if cancel request is accepted and the driver that handles the pin sale supports refunds, the dispatched pin will be canceled, otherwise the dispatched pin will be handled manually. Our systems will remove TOR requests if received after the threshold timeout.



Request Body

  "ClientTxID": "",
  "ProductCode": "",
  "Shop": "",
  "Terminal": ""


The Cancel Request receive the following parameters in the input.

NameTypeData TypeMandatory


The following HTTP status codes may be returned, optionally with a response resource

Status codeDescriptionResponse body
View body
The input request contains errors which prevents executing the request
View body
Endpoint not found
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