Void PIN code

If, unfortunately, the order confirmation operation was not completed successfully the customer system can send to Domec a request for cancellation. In this scenario there are two possibile cases: 1. The customer system does not receive the response from the codes sale Api 2. The customer system receives the response with the purchased pin code but wants to cancel the purchase operation In the first case its possible to handle the cancellation of the code in automatic mode by sending a cancel code request with this Api. In the second case, however, at an accounting operation now closed, its not possible cancel a code because it can not be verified if his code has been transcribed from other side or already used. In this case the customer must follow the cancellation instructions included in the receipt and sent by Domec during issuance in the activation instructions field. So this request allows to cancel a sold pin code recovered by pin dispatched card transaction through the input transactionid, shop and terminal


DELETE https://api.domec.tools/v1.0/pd/pin

Request Body

  "TransactionID": 0,
  "Shop": "",
  "Terminal": ""


The Void PIN code receive the following parameters in the input.

NameTypeData TypeMandatory


The following HTTP status codes may be returned, optionally with a response resource

Status codeDescriptionResponse body
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The input request contains errors which prevents executing the request
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Endpoint not found
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