Promocard & Loyalty Overview

The promotional campaign is fully customizable, including collecting points and subscription.

Custamizable campaign parameters are

  • Max number of points
  • “Sign Up” gift points
  • Economic value of each point
  • Subscription item numbers
  • Etc.

The assignment point mechanism are easily customizable too. For example An oil distribution chain may apply an assignment mechanism based on oil type, litres etc.

The program provides accelerator settings on discounts and assignment points. These accelerator settings can be based on several criteria: minimal spending, specific day of the week, time slot, product category and other many factors. Different criteria can be combined.


  • LongTerm Collecting. The service allow to create a reward program based on collecting points.
  • Mini Collecting. The campaign permits the customer to redeem the single reward frequently and resume.
  • Subscription. The service allow to create a subscription program including a product or different more.
  • Subscription + Mini Collecting. It’s a combination between subscription and mini collecting.
  • Checkin. Instead of LongTerm Collecting the customer gains fixed points for each use.