Gift Cards

The GiftCard service activate cards which can be used both in physical and in digital shops of issuers merchants. Domec can generates card’s codes or provides merchant’s codes. Gift cards is generally a not rechargeable cards.

Customers may choose the policy use and the partial credit can be used again later if it been lost.

Pros for customers and merchants

  • The program secure customers retention in the merchant's business network
  • Cards can be distributed in multiple physical and digital stores, allowing customers access to thousands of new stores
  • The merchant obtains a positive cash flow considering the differentiated period between payment and purchase
  • Opportunity to create ad-hoc campaigns for merchants and offer further promotions, with specific accelerators
  • Gift cards can be used as a payment method in the partner's sales network
  • Periodic reporting provided to merchants on the handling of issued cards
  • All operations are monitored in real time