This endpoint lets you activate a card which has been previously created and is in the availability of the caller client. To activate a card, you need to pass in the request body a data structure containing the following fields: storedValueCardCodeCollection. A string array containing the cards to be activatedstoredValueCardReceipt. A Receipt objectnotes. This is an optional field which the caller can use to save some additional informations regarding the activation. The Domec API does not perform any validation on the field.

Before activating the card the platform perform additional checks regarding the semantic fairness of the input. It first checks if the card numbers are valid, then verifies the preconditions needed to activate the card itself. E.g. Status of the card, syntax checks on the card number, etc. After the API returns the card is in the state Active.



Request Body

  "StoredValueCardCodeCollection": [
  "StoredValueCardReceipt": {
    "IssuerData": {
      "Name": "",
      "Address": "",
      "Telephone": "",
      "EMail": "",
      "VATNumber": ""
    "IssueDate": "",
    "Products": [
        "Code": "",
        "Name": "",
        "Price": 0.0,
        "Quantity": 0.0,
        "Mode": "",
        "Family": ""
    "Payments": [
        "Method": {},
        "CardCode": "",
        "Amount": 0.0
    "Total": 0.0,
    "SenderData": {
      "Shop": "",
      "Terminal": "",
      "Type": 0,
      "Number": 0,
      "CashDrawer": 0,
      "Operator": ""
    "UserData": ""
  "Notes": ""


The Activate receive the following parameters in the input.

NameTypeData TypeMandatory


The following HTTP status codes may be returned, optionally with a response resource

Status codeDescriptionResponse body
View body
The input request contains errors which prevents executing the request
View body
Endpoint not found
View body
Indicates that the request could not be carried out because of a conflict on the server
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